In 2008, I bought a very clean 2005 Grand Cherokee Laredo that was a fleet vehicle with only 35k miles for $11,000 with dealer-installed new custom leather seats. Today it has about 86k miles and in its current condition I can get $8,500-$9,000 for it, maybe only slightly less. Best car decision I've ever made. » 10/29/14 10:23am 10/29/14 10:23am

I lost all respect for Kasey Kahne...after he apologized. Every time some special interest group gets offended by someone's speech, they demand an apology. From the Christian Coalition to the ACLU, there is always a group lurking, just waiting to bust someone's balls. And every time, the offender plays along and… » 12/29/11 10:29am 12/29/11 10:29am

Why yes, I'd love to keep paying more money each time Turn 10 releases a car pack for a $60 game. My goal in life is to spend more than $200 on a single game + DLC. I'd also like to buy Forza 4-branded lube and ankle cuffs from the Live store for when Turn 10 is ravaging my butt hole/wallet for everything it's worth. » 12/27/11 12:17pm 12/27/11 12:17pm